Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Possibilities

As 2013 approaches, I find myself becoming more and more hopeful that it will be my year.

2012 was....rough.  I resolve to make more of an effort to stay (get?) healthy, find a new apartment (house?) and spend less/save more. I also hope to make more friends and take more trips...explore everything that is out there.  I am going to try to appreciate people for their flaws and become more tolerant of lifes minor annoyances.

Until then, if there's a New Years Eve, there's gotta be a dress! Here's a few things I'm eye-balling for the big night. *Click on images for link.

This adorable pink dress from Nordstrom - I LOVE pink! $98

I don't know why, but I'm super drawn to anything with mesh.  $52

Love black, nude and lace. Even though I'm past the "bow" stage and into my early 30's, I'd wear this in a heartbeat. $115

One of my current favorite colors-Oxblood.  The ruching hides alot of flaws.  I have a Nicole Miller dress similiar to this that I paid WAY too much for. This one is $155

I really, really, really have been wanting a leather shift dress. This one made it's way into my cart. $268

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