Friday, April 3, 2009

Talk to a Stranger

So. I stumbled across an interesting website. Chat with total, random strangers on the Internet. Pretty bizarre.

My chat:

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hola!
Stranger: speak english nao
You: What if I like to sometimes speak Espanol?
Stranger: ill cut you
You: With a knife?!
Stranger: sure
You: Or a glass shard?
You: I much prefer a glass shard...
Stranger: i might use a broken beer bottle
You: Hmmm. Options, options....
Stranger: or a razor
You: No razors, por favor.
Stranger: this isnt your decision
Stranger: It's always a pleasure
Stranger: anyway
You: The pleasure was all yours, I'm sure.
Stranger: i could cut you with a paper clip
You: How old are you?
You: Dare I ask....?
Stranger: 7 years old
Stranger: u?
You: Wow, you have quite an extensive vocabulary for a 7-year old....
You: I'm old. 28
Stranger: Ugh
You: I know, your mothers age, I'm afraid.
Stranger: Ha f*ck no
Stranger: my mom is 60
Stranger: wewt
You: And your 7?! Wow
Stranger: T_T
You: And what is T_T?
Stranger: I'm not 7. lrn2internet
You: What is your real age?
Stranger: Why do wanna know pedo?
You: Who is pedo?
You: LOL
Stranger: pedophile
You: Well, I guess that settles that then.
Stranger: ugh
You: Have a fabulous day! :)
Stranger: love u

You have disconnected.

There are some real fruitloops out there...

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