Thursday, February 17, 2011

There's an app for that

I'm in the process of upgrading my 3G iPhone to a 3GS (it's only $49 if you renew your contract). I've been clearing out my phone and backing it up so that I can sell it on eBay. I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps.

*Shazam - find out what somg is playing, the artist, album, etc. (lite edition is free)
*Period Tracker - obvious (lite edition is free)
*Camerabag - let's you add filters to your photos, as well as borders. ($2.99 but well worth it)
*Check Please - tip calculator (free)
*Drinks Free - recipes for every cocktail imaginable (free)
*Urbanspoon - gives you the names of local restaurants, contact information and reviews (free)
*AroundMe - wherever you go - this app will tell you where the nearest bank, grocery store, pub, coffee shop, etc. is (free)
*iEmoji - emoticons (free)
*Words with Friends - play online scrabble with your friends - or a stranger! I'm ADDICTED. (free)
*MPoker Lite - for you poker players out there (free)
*Mint - keep track of ALL your finances - genius (free)

Also, for you AT&T users out there, I called today to try and lower my bill and was told that there is a new offer out there. For $20 a month (which I already pay - for unlimited texting), this new plan offers unlimited texting AND unlimited mobile to mobile ON ANY PLAN. So, for $20 per month, you get unlimited texting and unlimited mobile to mobile on any plan. Totally worth it, since my boyfriend is on another service plan and I was always going over my minutes.

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