Monday, February 28, 2011

My Weekend

Went to the new Shipyard Emporium Saturday afternoon with my girlfriends. It's amazing! The food is sooooo good. I highly recommend.

Flights of beer (not mine).
Lasagna rolls
Maine lobster pizza
There's a ton of free samples, a deli area, a brewery, a selection of pickled items to buy and all kinds of cool stuff. The prices were VERY reasonable.
Review for this curling iron.
I used this iron for the first time last weekend and it's A-MAZING! Worth the price. I burned my fingers a bunch of times, so make sure you use the protective glove that it comes with. It gave my hair these gorgeous loose curls that never fell out! I tried to snap a pic in my bathroom at work. I'll take another next time I use it.
A lil' Spanky for your Monday!

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  1. how cute is your pup?!!!! and those lasagna rolls look amazing!