Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 is gonna be a good year

I have high hopes for 2011. I plan on continuing to eat right (for the most part), exercising, kicking butt at work and making finishing my degree more of an priority. My resolutions include learning Spanish, moving closer to work, saving money and traveling more. I stumbled across this today. Check yours out.
When it rains it definitely pours Sag — and this year it’s raining romance. Love hits a serious high note in 2011 after what may have easily felt like a dry spell to rival all dry spells. Just when you thought there was no choice but to embrace your path as the eternal lone gypsy, along comes an unparalleled amount of planetary activity in your romance sector to spice up your love life. In fact, that’s an understatement considering the amount of amorous energy going on in your horoscope from May onwards.

With the Nodes of the Moon hitting your relationship houses, this is a very karmic and destined year, indeed. You’ll have plenty of proper opportunities to figure out your true calling in life. Plus, the clarity you’ve so desperately been seeking about your relationships should become as clear as day over the next 12 months — as long as you keep your eyes open to the myriad messages streaming in from every direction.

Jupiter, your lucky planetary ruler enters your work sector this June bringing some brilliant new opportunities for you to make money and build something lasting and meaningful. The more beauty in your world the better, and with Jupiter entering Taurus, you’ll have more than enough aesthetic influence to keep you grounded and inspired until 2012. You haven’t felt this excited about your work in about 12 years, so count your lucky blessings, Sag. All in all, 2011 is going to be a stellar experience chock full of plenty of reasons to celebrate!

Things are lookin' up!

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